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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Justin Schwartz Eliminated in a Bizarre Fashion

Justin Schwartz

Justin Schwartz been eliminated from the World Poker Finals Main Event in a very strange scenerio.

After a raise from the cutoff, Schwartz moves all-in from the button.  It is folded back around to the cutoff, who looks at Schwartz for a few moments and then turns over [Ad][As].

The player says nothing, just continues to look at Schwartz.  Finally, Schwartz asks "Is that a call?".

After the player doesn't respond, repeatedly, Schwartz calls the floor.  The players is informed he will receive a one-round penalty for exposing his hand before action is complete (the correct ruling as you cannot ever expose your hand unless you are the final two players remaining in the tournament, not just the hand).

After arguing the ruling for a few moments, the players finally says "Call." and Schwartz shows [8h][8s].

The board runs out [Qd][6h][2c][Ah][2d] and Schwartz is eliminated in 30th place.